What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a very important part of business texting. It was introduced to instill transparency, trust and compliance when sending SMS marketing campaigns. It is the central hub where businesses must register their text messaging campaigns to ensure that industry standards and requirements are being adhered to.

The TCR offers many benefits to help your business get the most out of SMS texting, but it also presents several challenges.

Nothing to worry about...Foxie has you covered!

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of the Campaign Registry.


  • Regulatory Compliance: - TCR helps businesses stay compliant to all industry regulations and guidelines by mandating registry.
  • Delivery Enhancement – Carriers prioritize legitimate, registered messages, which helps to ensure delivery over unregistered messages.
  • Reduction in Spam – TCR filters out potentially malicious and unregistered campaigns, which improves the quality of all SMS messages.

Now let’s look at the downside.


  • Cost – Businesses incur additional costs when registering their campaigns...nothing is free.
  • Hard to Navigate – The registration process can be complex and time consuming, often requiring various, difficult to comprehend forms to be completed.
  • Unwanted Delays – Campaigns are often delayed while awaiting approval, which makes it difficult when trying to send time-sensitive promotions.

As you can see, the Campaign Registry can be a boost for your business while also being a thorn in your side.

Foxie has spent years working with and navigating through the TCR process. With our “White Glove Service,” we will guide you through the process every step of the way, so you can get back to what you want and need to be doing...focusing on your business.

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