Your Customers Want to Text You

Your inbox is overflowing with unread emails. When was the last time you checked your email? How do you know what is important and what isn’t? Do you open each individual email and read it, or do you give a cursory glance at the headline before mass deleting them?

I’m guessing the latter.

Your customers want to connect and communicate in a way that’s convenient, personal, and immediate.

Basically, the opposite of email.

When you receive a text, do you normally look at it right away?

I bet you do!

Here’s why your business NEEDS SMS texting.

In the Palm of Your Hand

  • Open texts immediately.
  • Respond, ask questions, or make a purchase within seconds.
  • Nurture relationships beyond just sales.

Instant Opt-In Consent

  • Build your list of customers organically.
  • Reach your targeted audience that wants to receive what you send.
  • Offer incentives to sign up to meet opt-in requirements.

Texting is Second Nature

  • Communicate with customers on their preferred platform.
  • Increase customer engagement to build trust
  • Tailor your texts to individual recipients or groups.

Clear and Concise

  • Focuses on a single call to action
  • The 160-character limit makes for quick reading.

Cost Effective

  • Affordability for all businesses – large and small.

When you add SMS texting to your business tools, you unlock a direct and effective form of communication that your customers are very familiar with and already use dozens of times a day.

FoxieEngage is what your business needs and what your customers and employees have been yearning for.

Let’s talk.

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