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Increase Sales with Unified Communications

Picture this: You have been trying to reach a customer/colleague with some very time-sensitive information. You have called them numerous times and left multiple messages but haven’t received a response. You check your email and there isn’t anything new there. You start to panic and send a message through a less-than-reliable messaging system…no response. You finally try their social media, hoping to initiate any form of communication with them before the deadline expires. Crickets. Now what?

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What is a "Bottom-Up" culture in the workplace?

A Bottom-Up culture (sometimes called a “Grass Root Culture”) is a company’s approach where decision-making, idea-sharing, and problem-solving aren’t solely dictated by the corporate office. These ideas derive primarily from varying levels of the company’s employees, from entry-level to management. People are happier when they have input about their workplace, rather than orders and ideas being barked down from above by company officers.

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