Goals or Resolutions? Choose Goals.

It’s the start of a brand-new year, and people try to convince themselves that the resolutions they decide upon will have a big impact on their life.

Newsflash: They won’t.

But setting attainable, and most importantly measurable goals, is what you should be doing to accomplish all that you need to do to realize your objectives.

I have compiled four easy suggestions for you to consider as to why goal setting is more helpful than making resolutions:

Tip #1: Be specific! 

  • The definition of a goal is “an idea of a desired result that a person can envision, plan and commit to achieve.” Goals should be clear and concise, with a roadmap that shows when and how to reach your goal.
  • The definition of resolution is “the firm decision to do or not do something.” That’s fine in theory, but how to enforce and measure it? Resolutions can be vague and sound more like a wish.

Tip #2: Results you can measure.

  • Goals are easily assessed, which makes it possible to evaluate results and make necessary adjustments.
  • With resolutions, there is no yardstick to see where you are and how you are progressing.

Tip #3: Flexibility!

  • Goals are open for modification as your situation will inevitably make changes as time progresses.
  • Resolutions are often idyllic and rigid, and not realistically attainable. This will undoubtedly result in frustration and quitting.

Tip #4: Build a structured plan.

  • When you set goals, that entails planning and turning objectives into manageable assignments. Setting smart goals will be a game-changer for you in 2024.
  • Resolutions often lack structure and that’s why they fail at such a high rate.

Got questions about setting goals and achieving them?

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