Why Brand Protection Matters

Information today travels at the speed of a keystroke.

When a customer receives bad service or a bad product, the news will most likely be plastered all over multiple social media sites, and the world will find out what went wrong (in the customer’s eyes) instantly.

Years of hard work and building a solid reputation can be destroyed by just one bad review.... even if it’s not accurate.

You don’t want this to happen.

How do you prevent it or at least minimize the impact it may have?

Brand Protection.

Why does brand protection matter?

Preserving your reputation-Your brand is much more than just your name and logo. Negative online reviews and social media attacks can tarnish your reputation. Paying constant attention and nipping these in the bud before they spread like wildfire is crucial in the business environment today.

Safeguard your intellectual property-Business trademarks, patents, and copyrights. These are all legally protected under brand protection, preventing others from using them without your permission.

Maintain trust-Counterfeit products and misleading marketing can lead to mistrust in your brand by customers. Protecting your brand against fake websites, products, and social media attacks, shows your customers that you are on top of things and will do whatever it takes to protect them and your brand.

Being proactive in your efforts in protecting your brand is of the utmost importance. This is where FoxieEngage can provide value.

FoxieEngage allows you to monitor what your employees are saying to your customers at all locations.

  • How long it takes them to respond to questions or comments
  • What they are sending
  • How they are portraying your business that you have worked so hard to build

FoxieEngage is a single platform that allows you to chat, respond to social media comments and questions, text, talk and communicate with your staff, customers, and vendors.... all on their terms and in the way in which they choose to communicate with you.

Be engaged with your current and potential customers...call me at 866-BE-ENGAGED (866-233-6424), text START to FOXIE (36943), or if you prefer, just shoot me an email at smcclellan@foxie.com.

I’m looking forward to engaging with you soon.