How to Gain a Customer for Life

Customers are the backbone of every business, and keeping a strong relationship with them should be at the top of every business’s list of priorities. This involves much more than just making a sale; it is about building a lasting relationship based on trust, value, and exceptional service.

This is where FoxieEngage 2.0 will prove to be invaluable!

Think about it; if two businesses offered the same product or service, both worked well and were similarly priced, what would make you choose one over the other?  The answer is; how you feel when doing business with them.

As a business, when you randomly reach out to a customer to notify them that their favorite product is now available, or wish them a Happy Birthday, or congratulate them on something special that you know they have experienced or are interested in…this shows you are paying attention, listening, and care about them as a person and not just as “another sale.”

FoxieEngage 2.0 offers CONVERSATIONAL, two way-texting. Not pre-populated, canned responses from AI. We are talking about having actual conversations with customers or your employees, back-and-forth chatter from any platform you use. Phone, tablet, or computer. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient than that.

Here are five important tips Foxie has compiled over the years to help retain your current customers, and keep them happy and feeling important.

  1. Excellent Customer Service – Provide attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service across all channels. This includes in-person, over the phone, or online. It’s so easy to do using FoxieEngage. No need to ever again toggle between different apps.
  2. Prompt Responses – By responding quickly to all customer inquiries, concerns, or feedback, you demonstrate that you value their time and their opinions.
  3. Personalize Your Communication – Tailor your interactions with each customer to meet their needs and preferences. It is important to use their names when communicating, as it adds much more of an individualized touch to the conversation. If you run an ice cream shop, and you know that “Bobby” has mentioned that he loves your special mint chocolate chip ice cream on numerous occasions, then when you make a fresh batch or are running a special, shoot Bobby a message advising him of this. He will appreciate it and be impressed that you remembered and cared enough to alert him. It is all about building rapport and loyalty.
  4. Anticipate Their Needs – Proactively anticipate customers' needs and wants before they ask. This demonstrates to your customers that you have been listening to and understand what they are looking for.
  5. Make Your Follow-ups Personal – Follow up after the purchase to make sure your customers are happy and to see if they have any questions. This helps demonstrate to them that you care and that they are more than “just another sale.”

Foxie has developed FoxieEngage 2.0 to make communicating with your customers and employees from ANY platform simple and hassle-free, in the way they want to communicate. FoxieEngage 2.0 is the only tool in the market that offers conversational, two-way texting. Seriously, it is the only one.

Be engaged with your me at 866-BE-ENGAGED (866-233-6424), text START to FOXIE (36943) or if you prefer, just shoot me an email at

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