Retaining a Customer for Life

Customers are the backbone of every business, and getting new customers is only half the battle. If you ask any successful businessperson, they will tell you the keys to sustaining a successful business are to foster a healthy relationship with your repeat customers and to turn new customers into brand advocates.

The million-dollar question is: How do I do this?

Foxie has some suggestions we’d like to share.

Provide Stellar Customer Service

  • Acknowledge their pain.
  • Be friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Address concerns promptly.

Provide a Personalized Experience

  • Tailor your interactions to address individual needs.
  • Use their name when speaking with the customer.
  • Recommend products that you know they would like and need.

Honesty is the Best Policy

  • Build trust by being transparent about your product.
  • Detail your product’s capabilities and limitations.
  • Remember that it is better to underpromise and overdeliver.

Reward Loyalty

  • Offer exclusive promotions and rewards.
  • Incentivize repeat purchases.
  • Rewards make customers feel valued and encourage repeat business.

After the Sale

  • Solicit feedback about your product.
  • Maintain regular contact through a unified communications system like FoxieEngage.
  • Keep them informed of product news and upgrades.

Customer loyalty isn’t something that is built after only one or two transactions.

It is an ongoing process that requires consistently delivering an outstanding product, providing superior customer service, and demonstrating ongoing value.

FoxieEngage is a single platform that allows you to chat, respond to social media questions, text, talk, and communicate with your staff, customers, and vendors…all on their terms and in the way in which they choose to communicate with you.

Be engaged with your current and potential customers…call me at 866-BE-ENGAGED (866-233-6424) text START to FOXIE (36943), or if you prefer, just shoot me an email at

I’m looking forward to engaging with you soon!