Why can't I close the deal?

Struggling with closing sales? As salespeople, we can all empathize with this situation. We’ve found a potential customer who NEEDS what we are selling. It’s a no-brainer that the product is a perfect fit for their business and what they are trying to accomplish.

You’ve had numerous phone calls, you’ve been texting back and forth, met on Zoom and have done a couple of demos. All indications show that you are a great fit...but you can’t close the deal.

Now what?

It’s time to schedule yet another call. Make this one more productive by asking questions that get to the reason they are not comfortable signing yet.

Address their concerns

  • Ask specifically what is preventing them from moving forward.
  • Inquire about budget restraints or competitors offers.

Provide assurance

  • Emphasize the strength of your product.
  • Reinforce how it meets their needs and objectives.
  • Reiterate any warranties or guarantees to help alleviate concerns.

Create a sense of urgency

  • Explain how delaying a decision is impacting their goals.
  • Remind them of limited-time offers or scarcity of the product.
  • Suggest a “trial period.”

Top sellers all know that the decision-making period varies from customer to customer. Making the sale is not always quick and easy.

Our time is valuable, and we have sales to make and goals to meet.

But remember...

The sales process is a dance, not a sprint.

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