Stuck in "Sales Limbo"? What to do next.

We have all been there, having spent hours working with a potential customer. The numerous phone calls, text messages, meetings, and follow-up emails… all with the goal of getting them to sign the contract. But they are moving so slowly as if they don’t have a care in the world. Now what?

Does this sound familiar?

You have answered every concern they presented.

You have poured your heart into your best sales pitch.

You have done several demos.

But you still can’t get them to sign the contract.

You are getting frustrated, and your boss is asking questions.

You know they need what you are selling, and you have tried to convince them of this.

Now what?

Address Their Concerns

  • Schedule another call or meeting.
  • Ask specifically what is preventing them from moving forward.
  • Inquire about budget restraints or competitors’ offers.

Provide Assurance

  • Emphasize the strength of your product.
  • Reinforce how it meets their objectives and requirements.
  • Reiterate any warranties or guarantees to help alleviate concerns.

Create Urgency

  • Explain how delaying a decision is impacting their personal goals.
  • Remind them of limited-time offers or scarcity of the product.
  • Suggest a “trial period.”

As every salesperson knows, the decision-making period varies from customer to customer.

Your time is valuable, and you have sales to make and goals to meet.

But remember…

The sales process is a dance, not a sprint.

Let me explain how FoxieEngage can help ease and rapidly facilitate your entire sales process.

Just five minutes can drastically change your year.

Let’s talk.

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