Building Your Awesome Marketing Plan 101

Today, I am going to talk about creating a world-class marketing strategy that is so easy that you will be kicking yourself for not starting this long ago.

Don’t worry if you are not a marketing whiz; this does not require a marketing agency.

This is Marketing 101, and I have four simple tips to make this as easy as eating an entire bag of chips while binge-watching your favorite show!

Building Your Marketing Plan 101

Tip#1: Know Your Product Inside and Out!

  • Describe your product: Pretend you are telling your trusted group of friends about your product. What makes it so special? Write it down!
  • Know your target market: Who would love and use your product? Kids or adults, men, or women?

Tip #2: Find Partners You Trust

  • Look for friends: Imagine that you are entering a contest where the best team wins a big prize. Who would you want to be on your team? What would they bring to the table to increase your chances of winning? These are your ideal partners.

Tip #3: Make a Simple Plan

  • Set small Goals: “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step”. What is the easiest thing you can do right now to tell people about your product?
  • Use Your Calendar: Keep track of each step of your marketing plan, set dates and goals. Calendars work!

Tip #4: Showcase Your Product

  • A picture is worth a thousand words: You love your product, so show it off to the world! Quality pictures will show what words cannot be used. (I can describe a beautiful sunset to you, but that does no justice compared to what you see in a picture.)
  • Marketing on social media: Imagine social media as your own personal stage. Share your product and story in any way you want to. It is your product, make it shine!

Got questions about starting your marketing plan and developing a nice marketing mix?

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