Five Questions to Ask Your Customers

Why should people choose to do business with you and your company? What is your competitive advantage? What differentiates you and makes you stand out from your competition?

Here at Foxie, we have been starting up and running businesses for decades. We know what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, we know the importance of talking with our current customers regularly. Asking questions to better the service we are providing them, as well as to get a feel for what our customers need and want, is one way to keep them happy and customers for life.

Foxie has compiled five questions to get your conversation started. You will learn a lot about your business and your customers’ perception of it, by simply asking a few questions.  

  1. What was one of the deciding factors that made you decide to do business with us? – Was it our marketing? Did a salesperson reach out and you felt a connection that “just seemed right?” Was it our culture that made you feel comfortable? Was it all based on pricing? You won’t know why they are current customers unless you ask! 
  1. What’s one thing that we can improve upon that would make your life easier? – It can be as simple as, “If you moved this button there, I would be able to work twice as fast” or “If you had someone available that I could reach out to on weekends with any questions, that would be really helpful.” Push your customers to tell you if they had a “wish list,” what would be sitting right on top?
  1. What’s one thing we do better than other companies you do business with? – This isn’t just fishing for compliments…what your customers tell you that you do better than others, can turn into a marketing gold mine. Listen to what your customers tell you that makes your business stand out, then make others aware of that. Promote yourself!
  1. How would you find us if you knew nothing about us? What would you Google? – Everyone uses Google. What words do people search for that would make your company one of the first that they see? A big mistake companies make is using company jargon that a customer would never use. People search for things like “How do I improve marketing?” or “How can I reach more customers?” Be very aware of keywords that people who know nothing of your business would use and will make your company’s name appear at the top of search engines, because nobody looks on page two of search engines.
  2. Do you recommend us to others? If so, why? – If your current customers are recommending you, that is obviously fantastic! If you can start understanding what are the words or phrases that a current customer says when recommending you, that should help enable you to build off that and market to your perceived strengths. Build upon what you do best. 

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