Help! I am Drowning in Direct Messages

Social media is here to stay and needs to be an essential part of your marketing plan. When you see that you have hundreds of requests for information (which can be a good thing), or people just giving their opinions, it can become overwhelming trying to respond. You may also be receiving a lot of spam, which takes time to read, determine if it is relevant, and discard.

So, what should you do to ensure that your customers' questions and comments are being addressed in a fastidious manner, without turning it into a full-time job?

Foxie is here to help with five tips that have been proven to help you manage your Direct Messages!

  1. Prioritize your social media presence.
  1. Block out periods.
    • Jumping from one task to another does not keep us focused.
    • Set aside a specific amount of time every day to address your DMs, get the questions answered, and clear them out.
    • Avoid “just taking a quick look” at other things on the social media site which can be time-consuming.
    • Need help with Facebook messages?
  1. Educate your customers.
    • Clearly communicate which channels are best for certain types of questions.
    • Advise your customers of your business hours, and when they should expect a response. (automated responses work great here).
    • Provide step-by-step guides or links to resources that can help customers.
    • Who we are
  1. Create standard responses.
    • Develop templates for common questions to save time.
    • Refer customers to a FAQ page.
  1. Provide follow-up and acknowledge positive feedback.
    • After resolving an issue, follow up to ensure the customer is satisfied. This will alleviate the need for them to send another message and shows you are paying attention.
    • Thank customers for positive feedback and reviews.

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