Zoom Meeting Survival Tips

If you work from home, you have undoubtedly heard of Zoom. But what is it and how does it work? Zoom was launched in 2013 and is a video conferencing platform that is used through a computer or mobile app, that allows users to connect online for video conference meetings, webinars, and live chat.

It’s 2024 and Zoom meetings have become the norm for most companies, much to the chagrin of some. I have been in more than my share of Zoom meetings, and I have come up with some helpful tips to make your Zoom experience more productive and less fatigue-inducing.

Unlock Zoom info and security

  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with Zoom to access essential meeting information such as your Zoom login, meeting ID, a passcode, as well as a link to share with participants.
  • Be mindful of security features like passcodes and waiting rooms to control who can attend your Zoom.

Look at the camera

  • Looking into the camera helps to ensure that you appear interested in the dialogue…the person who is speaking wants to know that you care about their message and are paying attention.
  • Just like if you were in a person-to-person meeting, you would look at the person speaking. That is proper in-person etiquette, and it is also proper “netiquette.”

Minimize fidgeting

  • Fidgeting portrays negative body language as it shows a lack of interest in what is being discussed, or even worse, that you lack respect for the person speaking.
  • If you feel the need to fidget or if you must get up for a minute, turn your camera off, and turn it back on when you are prepared to focus. 

Don’t multitask

  • It can be tempting to look at other tasks you need to get accomplished while in a Zoom meeting, especially if the topic being discussed is something that is not relevant to your role in the company.
  • Remove all distractions (like your cell phone) and close other windows. Mute your microphone when not speaking and use the virtual Zoom background feature for a professional and distraction-free appearance.

Take short breaks

  • Taking short breaks during long Zoom meetings is vital to staying mentally sharp and engaged.
  • Agree with others beforehand that it is ok to turn your camera off for a minute or two to stretch or stand up to help alleviate meeting fatigue.

Zoom meeting fatigue is a real thing but by following these simple tips you can help to combat it. With just a few small tweaks, you will find that your Zoom calls become more pleasant and productive.

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