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5 Tips to Staying Productive Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a very fun and very distracting time of year. Most people will need to take some time off to travel, shop, cook, attend school plays, etc. What is weird about all this is your boss still expects you to work in December! To help you navigate the holidays, we have come up with five surefire ways to help you be as productive as possible at work, while also giving you more time to enjoy the holidays…because life isn’t all about work. 

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How to Reduce Call Center Attrition

Meet Mary Purkiss, your Author and COO of Foxie

Mary worked in the travel industry for many years, where she developed a back-office accounting system that was eventually sold to WORLDSPAN, a consortium of three of the largest airlines at the time.
Now after three decades of experience running call centers as an Operations Architect, COO, and Entrepreneur, it’s clear that her vision and passion are spot on. With call centers as large as 500 employees and generating over 80 million in travel sales, she learned how to efficiently and successfully grow the business. In addition, her knowledge of understanding and retaining employees helped her sell another one of her businesses, this time to the 9th largest travel company in the USA.
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