New Franchisee Requirements 101

When people think of the word “franchise” the first thought for most people is fast food. However, there are many more opportunities available that do not all involve a drive-through window and inexpensive food. A franchise is a contractual relationship between an individual (franchisee) and a business (franchisor). The contract allows the franchisee to distribute the products of the franchisor using its name and brand.

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Three Ways to Protect Your Brand Identity

We often hear the phrase “Brand Identity,” but not everyone is exactly sure of what that entails. Brand identity can refer to the name, symbol, design, colors, or any other distinguishing features that help customers to differentiate between your brand and your competitors.

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Building a Marketing Plan


Every successful person and business became successful by having a vision and a plan. Sure, there is that one in a billion chance you might win the lottery or hit a big jackpot at the casino, but for the majority, a successful plan is the key to success.

Where do you start? You may have heard the expression, “Failing to plan, is planning to fail,” and those words ring very loud and clear.

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